Monday, December 15, 2008

A Pharmacist Clears Up Misconceptions About Antibiotics

There are so many public misconceptions about antibiotics and their proper use. I have always wished I could clear up some of them. That wish prompted this article.

You can read about antibiotic allergy and get a clearer understanding of when to contact the doctor. So many people have reported that they are allergic to an antibiotic because it caused diarrhea or stomach upset. In this article, you will learn why that is not an allergic response to the antibiotic. It is actually a road block to your long-term health care to report a drug allergy when there is none.

This article will also explain why some medications should not be taken with food and why some should not be refrigerated.

After reading this article, you will be able to understand your therapy better when an antibiotic is prescribed. Did you know that 250mg of one antibiotic may be 100 times stronger than 250mg of another one?

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lower High Blood Pressure with Magnesium

Registered Dietitian Lisa Nelson has written a good article about the role of magnesium in lowering blood pressure. Read the article to find out more about the benefits of magnesium and how to make sure you are getting plenty in your diet.

Magnesium has so many benefits, and I agree that it's importance is often overlooked.

I have a problem with eye floaters and have recently started taking a supplement morning and evening based on anecdotal information that it might help. I have always been a little on the low side of normal when my electrolytes have been checked. The magnesium seems to have helped with the floaters (read my article) and is definitely helping me sleep better.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fish Oils in Heart Failure Treatment and Other Heart Disease

Thyme and Garlic Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa, Rosemary Potatoes and Snow Peas

image credit: Alpha from Melbourne, Australia
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Fatty fish has been recognized as a part of a heart-healthy diet for some time now. More studies are pointing to the benefits of including omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish in the diet.

Sudden cardiac death occurs over 50% of the time in people with previously unrecognized heart disease. Twice weekly consumption of fatty fish such as salmon can decrease these risks significantly.

Studies have also shown benefits of essential fatty acid supplementation to improve outcomes of treatment for patients with heart failure and coronary heart disease.

This article gives the details of using fish oil supplements for treating and helping to prevent heart disease.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Benefits of Glucomannan Against Risk Factors for Heart Disease

As sedentary lifestyles have increased and as fast food has replaced well-balanced, nutritious meals, obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Obesity brings with it more risk factors for heart disease--high cholesterol and loss of control of blood sugar. Glucomannan, a very high-viscosity fiber has been been studied for its role in fighting these risk factors for heart disease. Glucomannan benefits have also been shown for patients with insulin resistance syndrome, a risk factor for later development of diabetes and heart disease.

Learn the benefits of glucomannan for fighting the risk factors of heart disease....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introducing Lisa Nelson, Registered Dietitian

Trying to approach health problems without educating yourself and addressing the underlying causes such as poor diet simply won't accomplish a good long term outcome. Lisa Nelson is a dietitian who specializes in weight loss and lifestyle changes to impact heart risks.

The following is a recent interview with Lisa. She is a great resource for those who really want to make a difference that will impact their health.

eNutritionServices – Be Heart Healthy and Lose Weight

Lisa Nelson

1. What is your current position?
I’m a private practice dietitian helping others be heart healthy and lose weight through online programs.

2. What are your future plans?
My current focus is on developing quality heart health programs. I have two weight loss programs I’m very pleased with and have received good feedback from clients. Now, I’m ready to revamp my heart health options. To be released this month is a free e-course titled “8 Essential Steps to Lower Cholesterol Naturally”. Readers will also have access to six fee based e-courses to delve further into a specific area they struggle with and need further support, such as lowering triglycerides or raising HDL cholesterol. I’m really pleased with how this program has turned out and will be sending a special offer to The Heart of Health “VIP” readers to get feedback before it’s released. After the launch of the lower cholesterol series, I’ll turn my attention to blood pressure.

3. What services can you offer to someone struggling to be heart healthy?
I offer three options that affect heart health. If you struggle to lower cholesterol, my new e-course program will lead you through the basic steps for results. I currently offer a blood pressure e-workbook with optional weekly coaching for individuals struggling to lower blood pressure. My passion for heart health comes from my own family history of heart disease, so I don’t dispense “trendy” treatments, but give factual, research based solutions.

One of the biggest struggles for many people is losing weight. Losing as little as 5-10 pounds can significantly improve cholesterol and blood pressure levels, which is where my weight loss programs are utilized.

4. What can you offer individuals struggling to lose weight?
I offer two programs that have given clients needed results – Balance Program and Mini Diet Makeover.

The Balance Program is an 8 week weight loss program with a 9th bonus week of feedback/support. Weekly sessions cover goal setting, physical activity, portion control, meal planning, emotional eating, metabolism, and healthy convenience foods. Clients also receive access to a substantial “library” of tools, such as online Pilates video, resistance band exercises, food journal template, e-cookbook, etc.

Now, in my opinion, the Mini Diet Makeover is a great way for clients to receive excellent feedback and guidance for minimal cost. Clients receive a detailed assessment, step by step changes, and customized weight loss plan. An excellent overview of what they’re currently doing and where small changes will give results.

An additional benefit is long term support, so clients can “check back in” any time they have questions or need further support.

5. Do you have a forum where questions can be submitted?
Yes, I publish The Heart of Health ezine bi-weekly. The ezine provides free heart health and weight loss tips and readers are invited to submit questions via email. I use the questions for future articles and blog posts.

I’m also an “ask the expert” for The Health Central Network’s cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease sites. This is a great forum to get questions answered by myself or other health experts.

6. What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed with high cholesterol or blood pressure?
Education! You can not make an informed decision on what’s best for your health if you do not understand the situation. Your MD is a valuable resource for making treatment decisions, but do you want someone else fully in control of what’s best for you? Become informed yourself and work with your MD to make educated decisions that are best for your health.

You need to work with your MD to determine if you can make lifestyle changes to improve your heart health versus opting for medication and hoping the side effects do not happen to you. Don’t hesitate to ask for the support and help you need!

I wish you all the best on your journey to heart health and weight loss!

Lisa Nelson RD, LN

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Acupuncture for Back Pain

Low back pain is a problem for so many people. The remedies that have been tried are many and new ones are always being sought. Acupuncture has been found to be useful for low back pain when underlying pathology has been ruled out. Read more about how acupuncture can be used to treat low back pain..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Focus on the Health Benefits of Vitamin D

The American Academy of Pediatrics has just begun recommending double the previous recommended intake of vitamin D for infants and children.

Vitamin D is gaining more attention in multiple medical disciplines and adequate intakes have been found to reduce mortality from all causes.

Read more about the health benefits of vitamin D --

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aspirin for Disease Prevention

I summarize recommendations by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the U. S. Preventive Services Task Force concerning regular use of aspirin for disease prevention. Benefits of aspirin therapy are weighed against risks of g.i. bleeding and stroke.
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cholesterol Screening in Children: The Current Debate

High cholesterol is widely recognized as a risk factor for heart disease in adults. With the epidemic of obesity in children, it is now a concern in pediatric patients. Cholesterol screening is now recommended for children with certain risk factors.

This article will explain the reasons some authorities are recommending cholesterol screening for high-risk children and you will understand why there is debate.

Read more about recommendations for cholesterol screening in children

Lisa Nelson is a registered dietician who can help you design a heart-healthy diet for your child.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Choosing Over-the-Counter Ringworm, Athlete's Foot, and Jock Itch Remedies

Five Active Ingredients Are Found in the Majority of Ringworm, Athlete's foot, and Jock Itch Remedies

OTC body ringworm, jock itch, and athlete's foot remedies are available under many brand names. The same brand name may also may be sold with different ingredients. By learning 5 ingredient names, you can go right past the advertising hype and simplify your selection.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What You Don't Know About Asthma Could Kill You

Asthma can be fatal if it is not adequately controlled. Patients sometimes recklessly discontinue asthma medications when they are symptom free.

To better manage your asthma, learn three categories of asthma treatments, why they are prescribed, what they do, and why they are so important.
Read this important information about asthma treatments »

Choosing Over-the-Counter Cough, Congestion & Cold Remedies

This article gives you information to properly select OTC cough, cold, congestion, or allergy remedies based on their ingredients, bypassing the advertising hype and misleading claims of manufacturers. After learning the names of just a few basic ingredients, you will be able to avoid duplications in your medicine cabinet and you will understand which ingredients are for cough, which are for congestion, and which are for allergy.

Print the article and keep it in your wallet so that you can refer to it at the store.
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