Friday, June 25, 2010

Touch Deprivation and the Value of Infant Massage

Every human has a basic need to be touched. Babies don't thrive and sometimes do not survive if they are not touched, in spite of modern medical interventions, good food, and clean environments. Infant massage is a fast-growing discipline that is being practiced more and more in infant intensive care units and it is being offered in massage therapy schools to community therapists and to doctors and nurses who care for medically fragile infants. Learn more about the dangers of touch deprivation and the value of infant massage.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ORS: Stinking Thinking

Imagine how horrible it would be if your body gave off offensive odors that you could not seem to do anything about. Olfactory Reference Syndrome is a mental condition where sufferers imagine just that. It causes them to constantly seek out health care practitioners who can help and they sometimes resort to unnecessary surgeries. ORS can ruin careers and relationships and even increase the risk of suicide. Read more about this delusional disorder.