Thursday, March 18, 2010

Choosing OTC Itch Remedies

Manufacturers claims like "maximum strength" or "doctor recommended" or "without a prescription" may dupe consumers into selecting a product that is no better than another, less expensive product.

I want people to learn to select products based on active ingredients. It's really simple. Most itch remedies that you buy at the pharmacy or grocery store contain hydrocortisone. It is available without a prescription in only two strengths--1/2% and 1%. Maximum strength means nothing more than it has 1% hydrocortisone.

The claim "doctor recommended" does not mean anything. To be a true statement, it could have been recommended by only one doctor.

My article helps you quickly and easily sort through claims and you can have the confidence of knowing what you are doing when selecting a topical itch remedy. The article also gives a quick overview of how to choose between a gel, lotion, spray, ointment, or cream. After reading the article, you'll be equipped to make an information-based selection of and OTC remedy.

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